Will I be able to get assisted by customer service?

We will be available for you by phone and Email. You can find our contact data here.

Can there be problems with delivery?

Deliveries are currently possible and unaffected by the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19. Whether there may be problems with delivery depends on the parcel delivery service providers that Regenbogen uses. We hope that there will be no problems with delivery in the near future. In order to maintain the lowest possible level of personal contact between couriers and customers, the following measures are applied to a parcel:

  • • Please do not pick up the boxes from delivery offices.
  • • If possible, delivery is made through mailboxes by home or to indicated location, without prior attempts to deliver to the recipient.
  • • If delivery is to be made at the door of the recipient's apartment, the delivery staff will mark Q on the delivery display and sign their own name so that only the delivery staff themselves can touch the scanner and the hand- held scanner handle. If a decision on liability is made, this is assessed as the client's signature. You can still purchase and have a delivery even if you are in isolation.
  • • Return packages will only be accepted with pre- prepared transport documents.

We are working hard to bring brightness into your homes. Our excellent customer service will not be compromised.

We'd like to thank you for your understanding and please, stay safe.