Dear friends!

We are eager to share perfect news with you: our company took part at the program "Mission Plus-Value" on the (French) channel NRJ12. In the new issue you will see examples stylish interior enhanced with our décor lighting.

The plot in brief: The décor experts Valerie and Phillip come to two different families and compete with each other in inventiveness and creativity. Their aim is to reform these families’ homes using the boldest design decisions. Both houses are located in Longjumeau. The first is owned by Valentine and Pascal, who work as confectioners 7 days a week, want to move and change their life. Raymonde (74) owns the second one, she wants to sell it as soon as possible to keep paying for her husband’s medical expenses.

Both experts have only 2 days to perform the renovations, ones this period expires the judges will choose the most original one.

The program screens our lighting: two floor lamps with wooden tripod legs together with two standing lights in modern style. You can also spot two wall lights of classic style, combining black metal and pale lampshades and one urban floor lamp from wood with a fabric shade attached.

Below you can see the list of the screened items which can be purchased in our online shop.