Little time has passed and we are taking a part in a program on the French channel NRJ.

At this time Val-de-Marne, Valerie Damidot and Philippe Auriel comes to rescue Antuan and Christine, who cannot manage to sell their house since its condition is quite far from perfect.

As for Axel and his mom’s house, their basic problem in selling the house is its old age and lack of warmth what in the long run drives off any potential buyers.

Phillippe and Valerie are using all their imagination to find the tricks which make both dwellings not only more attractive but also increase their sale market value.

The winner is the one who will make the house the most appealing.

This episode witnesses some of our luminaires; let’s dwell on them a bit:

  • A ceiling light of modern minimalism style covered with a faux dark boulder-like stone. This light can fit in any modern interior. It is just a statement of eco compatibility.

  • A ceiling light with a rattan shade looks the same modern. It lets a soft scattered light fill the space with warmth and cosines.

  • We didn’t forget about some wall lights and decorated the place with two semi round gypsum lights perfectly emphasizing modernity of the interior.

  • To add the room some coziness without turning it into a senior house we used some modern wall lights of chrome colour embellished with diffusing the light fabric lampshades.

  • Matching modern floor and table lamps are to be a nice additive the interior, emphasizing the general style.

  • The tall modern floor lamp with a crème fabric lampshade will fit for a bedroom, a kitchen or a living room.

  • One more floor lamp of modern eco style. The wooden elements covered with faux leather and a crème fabric shade let the luminaire to fit almost any modern or art deco interior. It goes well with wooden furniture of light shades.

  • The faux stone floor lamp base adds it a touch of solidness and might, but the fixture is extremely light in reality, since it’s done of metal covered with a special stone-imitating material. The light fabric shade creates a soft dim light. What can be better for the after-work relax?

  • Modern light floor lamp of gentle snow-white colour is a real find for a bedroom or a living room. Neither looks it alien in a hall, greeting your guests with a pleasant warm light.

  • The theatre style floor lamp is a perfect choice for a loft-like design, highlighting its owner’s creativeness and individuality.

  • Eco style floor lamp with a wooden base (ash-wood) and a fabric shade brings comfort to a modern interior.

  • The extraordinary floor light in a modern style will take over fans of the up-to-date design. It resembles a creative mess on the table, made to impress your guests and win their attention. Randomly placing the shades on your ceiling, you can build an unspeakable view.

  • This ceiling light looks simple and hackneyed at the first sight, just a plain white hemisphere. But once you turn it on, the cut pattern stats surprising you with the play of light. We would recommend it for the ceilings with a lack of décor. It is a top-notch decoration for modern, minimal or hi-tech interiors.

  • The next ceiling light is destined to serve in a megapolis modern interior. The volume metal shade is manufactured from circular elements of different size. Passing through this shade, the light paints stunning patterns on the walls and the ceiling.

All the luminaires can be found below and purchased right now in our online shop Regenbogen!