4 Pecularities: how to desing the barbecue area

Your weekends will be much more happy and relaxing if you have a comfortable place outside. We have asked our designers what peculiarities should be taken into account by designing the BBQ area.

№1. Choose the fireplace

Where does the barbecue area begin? Of course, the main element is the hearth where all the delicious treats will be cooked. The terms "barbecue", "kebab", "grill" are often identical but there are some differences between them. Kebab - the simplest design is a rectangular bowl with several holes at the bottom. It is made of steel or cast iron. It can be both portable and fixed. Grill - looks like a deep frying pan on its legs equipped with a lid and a grid. Barbecue is the most popular and practical option. Cooking is made with the help of a grid on which the food is placed (its height is adjustable). There are both compact portable barbecues and stationary. It is much better to have a permanent barbecue space where you will be able to design the extra illumination as well.

If there is no ceiling or terrace the best, good solution will be the pillar lights such as Glasgow. Do not forget to choose the suitable height. The light should be a bit higher than the barbecue fitting. (Height of the Glasgow light is 103 cm).

№2. Consider the zone type

Depending on the size of the area and the type of hearth you can choose several options for BBQ area design:

Open area - suitable in case there is very little space in a garden. All you will need is a portable grill or barbecue and a table. Surely, it would be nice to have a canopy and a few seats. The outdoor barbecue area has some restrictions. It is harder to organize the appropriate lighting. All you will be able to install is ground and standing models. An excellent option for illuminating a compact portable barbecue is a street lamp Glasgow.

Closed area. Often arranged in a gazebo or on the terrace. Closed barbecue area suggests a canopy, walls, stationary hearth. In result, you get a comfortable summer dining room, a place protected from any weather conditions and surprises. Here it will be easier to arrange lighting and other necessary goods.

Transformer - this barbecue area can be either closed or open. It can be set up with portable metal or wooden frames.

Patio - an open-air area arranged by walls of adjacent buildings. It can be equipped with any hearth and canopy according to your wishes.

№3. Find a suitable place

When you have already chosen the hearth type, it is time to think about the suitable place.

Focus on the most picturesque view you will find - leisure hours are a pleasure near artificial ponds and the Alpine garden slides.

Try to find a location relatively distant from the house: if it is too far away, it may be difficult to transport the food. On the other hand, a hearth too close to the house can be dangerous.

Do not forget about the obvious fire safety rule: the barbecue area must be located away from combustible objects (wooden fence, garden).

If you do not plan to make a canopy, try to find a place located in the shadows.

№4. Fit the suitable illumination

Parties and family dinners are often held late - in this case you can not do without artificial lighting. Take these rules into consideration when you choose the lighting:

The barbecue area requires at least two light sources - at the cooking location and close to the dining table.

If the light is close to the fire pay attention to its IP level. It should be at least 44, as in a street lamp Mercuri. Moreover, the model has a solid aluminum frame colored in grey. High quality is the first and most important thing for the light in the barbecue area.

Even in closed barbecue areas, we recommend using street lights with an IP level of at least 44.

If you want to install indoor lamps and sconces in a terrace you cannot guarantee 100% protection from external conditions (wind, rain, dirt, soot, etc.).

Such lights as Uranus model are convenient to use near barbecue pan. They should be placed on both sides, higher than the barbecue level (illumination at the same level or lower will be inconvenient).

A very popular solution for illuminating the cooking area and the dining table is the hanging lights such as Glasgow. There is no better solution for a terrace with a canopy or a roof. Keep in mind that a wide long table may require more than just one pendant light.

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