World interios trends 2020

Vegan interior, conscious consumption and carpets. In this article we show the main interior trends of different countries for 2020.

1. Europe: Vegan design

You can probably ask what veganism has to do with interior. It is all about the so-called "interior veganism" - the rejection of natural fur, wool, leather in favor of synthetic materials, replacing everything that had to be taken from animals. By the way, this trend is clearly in contrast to another current trend. We are talking about the absolute popularity of eco-style, which, on the contrary, suggests the natural elements, including «taken from animals» fur, wool, silk and leather. What to do in this case? We think the best way is to find the compromise solutions. If you look at the lamp Ylang you see the wood pattern but no tree was cut off for producing this light fitting. It is all made of metal and the pattern looking so similar to natural wood is made by technology of printing.

2. Europe: Plant fluencers

One more trend coming from the European countries, which is focused on nature and greens. Trendy word that also describes the influential Instagram bloggers. It even seems to be the trend which came directly from social media like Instagram. If you look at the popular Instagram bloggers, you will see that the plant influencers win the world. The most influential bloggers even determine what plant types need to be grown. Natural green color looks great together with olive, mint and fresh green shades. These combinations will enhance the green ambience and will make the interior fresh. One more plus of this trend is that all these colors look harmonic with any color palette: from tender to deep black like in a pendant light Alghero.

3. Sweden: Sustainability

In this matter, we are talking about "conscious consumption". The supporters of this trend believe that it is worth buying furniture and items of recycled materials, from second hand shops, so as not to support the consumer society in its further growth. However, the house itself and its construction are worth to be invested. Natural materials and color palette are popular. One more important expense line is electricity and illumination. We recommend using universal laconic models, which will suit any interior style not depending on renovation. A good model is the ceiling light Ylang. By the way, this light fitting can be also installed as a wall light that is very convenient and makes the light even more desirable.

4. Australia: Round shapes

That case when the local trend quickly became global. Australia is the country in which round shapes are commonly used in interior. This applies not only to arch constructions, but also to all upholstered furniture, dining, coffee and worktables, lighting (pay attention to the rounded ceiling lamp Magdalena). This trend can also refer to retro stylistics of 70s, 80s, 90s as most retro things are made in rounded shapes.

5. Germany: Modern minimalism

Modern interior of German houses has some peculiarities. Comfortable furniture, simple colors, laconic lamps and décor. The main color in German interiors is white as it makes the space look bigger. We recommend having a look at the slider lamp Darro which will accomplish well any room in a house. Built in LEDs are long lasting and bright enough to hang it over the bed. Practical and trendy light will be a good solution for creating the minimalism.

6. America: Quiet color palette

It is accepted to choose not massive suspended multi-arm chandeliers, but rather compact ceiling lamps for small kitchens. "Dissolve" the central light in space like an Aurich chandelier: choose a model that fits as closely as possible to the ceiling. Preferably, it should be of the right shade. Light, white tones will help to visually add more space to the room. Paint the walls and the ceiling in quiet colors and match the chandelier to the tone.

7. Britain: Warmth and cozy ambience

Choose beige, grey, creamy shades – they are all in trend today. This trend is explained not only by the specific nature of interior design. It also has a deep philosophical background. "It's better to put warm rugs at home, to dress up warmly and to burn less energy without causing unnecessary harm to the environment" - this is what the British think. In addition, we would like to note that you could add "warmth" to your interior in other ways: for example, by using bright and cheerful orange, ochre, yellow shades. Both gold and the antique bronze will do, as in a hanging chandelier Carmen.

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