1. Choose scandinavian style

Pure Scandinavian style is not so popular today as it also requires some eclectics. We would say that retro of 70s, 80s and 90s is perfect for this role. The thing is that the Scandinavian style itself considers details and furniture with a background and history. These are mostly the family relics and things that saw different generations. Here are always appropriate reproductions of artists inherited from a grandmother, massive cupboards and wooden cabinets.

Combination of scandi and American retro of 60s and 70s is an absolute top. Cozy Scandinavian interior will be a perfect space for such retro details as rounded furniture with thin wooden legs, checkered and striped prints and the chandelier Olympia with ribbed glass shades and geometry formed lines.

DeMarkt 638017406 Semi-Flush Ceiling Light Modern

In this interior you can see the hanging light: DeMarkt 638017406 Semi-Flush Ceiling Light Modern