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FAQ - Technical questions

I cannot assemble the light fitting. Can you help?

Each light fitting has its own assembly instruction that is included in the package. If you face any issues while assembling the light, please contact us by Email or by phone and we will assist you. We can provide you with an additional installation instruction if required.

Where can I find the information on whether the light fitting is dimmable?

Light fittings with E14 and E27 light bulbs could be dimmable. Please contact us to find out whether the light fitting with built-in LEDs could be dimmable.

Can I change built-in LEDs in a light fitting?

Built-in LEDs can be changed in specialised Service centres. Please note that not all LEDs can be replaced. To get more information, please contact us by phone or Email.

What is the time of service of LEDs?

The minimum time of service of LEDs is 2 years. Light fittings with built-in LEDs come with a two-year guarantee. Experience has shown that light fittings with built-in LEDs serve 10 years on average.