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Our Brands
Regenbogen is our exclusive brand. Regenbogen light fittings were developed with regard to innovative design trends which give a special ambience to your home. Regenbogen presents high quality decorative lighting in a modern style.
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DeMarkt luminaires are a perfect combination of functionality with safety and quality. DeMarkt light fittings have been created with due regard to innovative trends in design.
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MW-Light light fittings offer the best: stylistic diversity (from classical to modern style), creative lighting solutions, low power consumption, and modern eco-friendly materials. Whether you need a light for an apartment, country house, hotel, or restaurant, you will find the right piece for both indoor and outdoor areas.
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With Chiaro light fittings there is enough space for art and expression which allow you to emphasize your status and express your personality. Chiaro lights easily create a wonderful and unique atmosphere in your home, and provide a chic and sophisticated decor of your living area. Chiaro light fittings are made from noble metals, porcelain, onyx and high-quality crystal of our own brand F&D Crystal and such brands as Swarovski and Asfour.
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