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Order light fittings online – it’s easy and convenient

Light fittings, both indoor and outdoor, are essential when it comes to creating a unique atmosphere in your home. Regenbogen is here to help you find suitable light fixtures for every room. Having our own brands of lights, we set trends and show our customers how quality of light fittings influence their well-being. Discover a diversity of the modern world of lighting with us!

Discover a variety of lamps and light fittings in our online shop

Having our own online store of decorative lighting, we know preferences of customers of all age groups very well. Depending on the type of the room, your budget and your interior ideas, we have a wide product range to suit. Find your perfect lighting in the following categories:

In addition to a large variety of indoor light fixtures, we have energy saving outdoor lights, that can be installed on the balcony, terrace or in the garden. Lights of this type have a robust structure and are safe to use in windy and rainy weather conditions.

Wide product range to suit every taste

Light fittings of our brands vary in style from classic to modern, which is why anyone can find something to their taste here at Regenbogen online shop. We offer a large variety of light fixtures from minimalistic ceiling lights to luxury chandeliers that are perfect for different types of rooms – living room, dining room, or hallway.

Apart from having a creative design, lights are made from various materials, which gives them a special charm, unique for each light fitting. Brighter lighting in the room is achieved by combining in the light fitting robust metal with sparkling glass in the form of crystals. Candle-shaped chandeliers or lights with colourful elements will draw your guests’ attention even when turned off.

High energy efficiency for economical lighting

More and more customers these days want to make their contribution to reducing environmental pollution and waste and tend to use energy efficient lights and light bulbs. Regenbogen meet this demand and offer a wide product range of eco-friendly light fixtures with a long life span. LED lights are one of the most important trends in this area. They produce light using one or more light-emitting diodes, which is much more economical and environmentally friendly than using incandescent or halogen bulbs. LED lamps are available with standard sockets and can reach the desirable light intensity while consuming much less energy. Due to high energy efficiency you can also save on your electricity bills.

Comfort, functionality, and design united

In earlier times, light fittings were used for lighting purposes only and for providing additional heat. The primary function of a light fixture became of a secondary nature long time ago. Instead, lighting has become an essential part of interior design of one’s space. Properly chosen light fittings that provide soft and comfortable light help to create a cosy atmosphere in your home or garden. Design of a light fixture may reflect your lifestyle while not making the light fitting less functional. Take a look at our wide product range and see for yourself.

Benefits you get here at Regenbogen

Regenbogen offers not only a great variety of products of our brands, but also many other advantages:

  • - Good value for money and high quality products
  • - Fast delivery
  • - Expert and friendly advice
  • - Free delivery for orders over £100
  • - 30-day free return policy

We offer quite a few safe payment methods. Apart from that, we provide safe and convenient experience of online shopping. Contact us directly if you want to find out more about your benefits and purchase lamps or chandeliers.

Ordering a light fitting online is now easier than ever!

You’d like to buy a light fitting and are looking for a reliable and friendly seller? Regenbogen is here for you. We make online shopping as easy as possible. Feel free to look through our listings where you can find detailed information on each particular light fixture. Shop online, put products into the basket, and enjoy a new unique lighting atmosphere in your home!